Thursday, 30 March 2017

Art Drops, new drawings, crossed fingers and Tate St Ives re-opening.


Above and below are the two drawings that I completed in last evenings drawing session. The first seems to be a bit of a tribute to Howard Hodgkin who died a couple of weeks ago. I have been a great fan of his work ever since I was introduced to his work my my now wife.
The drawing below seems to be channeling something else entirely and I don't really know what, as my work started off being made entirely of dots maybe these lines on this drawing are 'long dots'. Maybe not.....

I did start another drawing last night but I didn't bother to take a pic because it is it's very early stages.

Today has been a day of updating our events for Easter so I have been working on Facebook and our website and we are now hoping to get some early bookings in as money is tight as it is at this time of year so very little time for art. Zoe my wife has been sorting out stuff at the workshop for our Your Face My Art portrait studio for the weekend and we are hoping there will be enough people around to pop in on us and get their portrait done with us what with The Tate St Ives reopening, so tomorrow is getting more posters around and a bit of an awareness campaign. Of course the Tate re-opening is going to help the town but we are still hindered at Barnoon Workshop with the footpath to the beach still being shut and it has been since the beginning of November. It has certainly cut off our income somewhat and made it a hard winter to get through. Hopefully this will all change after the footpath is open again just before Easter.

I am looking forward to attending the Tate opening tomorrow evening and looking forward to bumping into lots of old pals too, have already arranged to catch up with Shanty Baba, the St Ives Story Teller and I am sure there will be more arranging tomorrow.

I am also looking forward to the publication of the Spring edition of Art Spread and I have a two pages so fingers crossed that will bring a bit more interest to my work and get my name out there a bit more.

On that note views of my blog have gone up quite a bit over the last month or so and I am now getting something like a 1,000 views or so a week, mainly in America. So maybe maybe ,y work is getting out there a little bit more. So this year I am hoping to get more sales than before and some interesting exhibitions to be in. With this aim I hope to make more deadlines than last year and to seek out more opportunities.

I am going to try and find time to get a few art drops together for this weekend as there will be a higher proportion of arts people around. I will leave this blog and you tonight with some previous art drops.

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