Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Newdrawing and some obliterarty.


Above is the drawing I completed last night, it took some time but I made it. I did start another involved small drawing which for once I haven't taken a pic of it half done so I will reveal in tomorrow's blog.

Today I did an art tour around town for one which was nice but not very profitable, I thought I would have 4 more but they didn't turn up, Oh well. It was a nice tour though and managed to show quite a lot of hidden St Ives gems.

This afternoon my wife did quite a lot of painting and then we went out around town for a while, popped in at The Sloop Craft Market to drop off a ceramic tile I had drawn on to Caroline Kelley-Forman. She had donated some ceramic tile to us at The Barnoon Workshop and I worked a tile to say thanks, below is the tile before it was baked and changed colour somewhat but it still looked really good and Caroline seemed very pleased and asked me sign it on the back.

After going to the Sloop we then went back through town and I did a small art drop and since then have been cooking dinner and doing some admin so below I am sharing a number of images from my last 'Obliterarty Volume 2 Whole Sketchbook'.

I am off to draw and complete a little biog about my art.


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