Thursday, 23 March 2017

'Obliterarty' continues and thoughts and stuff.

Thursday: Today I am starting to feel better, at last I feel like myself again.

Above is the drawing I started the day before yesterday and carried on with last night, as I was still feeling a bit under the weather I didn't manage to finish it off but I did get quite a long way further into it and now feel confident I will get it finished and maybe more in this evenings session. I am yet .gain reminded that these large pages take quite a bit of filling and as soon as you start doing finer detail the prospect of a quick finish diminishes.

Today has been an interesting day with some marketing and Zoe met a new artist that may well do some courses for us in the future at Barnoon Workshop. After that I met Zoe in town to do a little shopping and arrange a few things. We had a quick coffee in Cafe Art and I also visited the Farmers Market at the Guildhall and bumped into Kaz who masterminds the market and also into gallery owner Paul Vibert. The market is need of more buskers and Kaz asked me if I would be interested but I haven't busked in this century, I may never again but it could be a bit of a challenge to get a small buskers set together and would be fun. I have seldom appeared as a solo artist except when DJing but I do remember my very first solo spot at Olney Wine Bar back in the very early eighties. I was still thinking of myself as a punk, whatever that means and had my very first band called More Trivia, we built a nice little local following from youth club gigs to pubs in and around Milton Keynes regularly pulling 100 to 150, although not always. It was great fun and enabled me to play solo as I had written and sung all the tunes for the band. So a very nervous 21 year old took on a late evening session of a few of my chirpy punky ditties on my not great acoustic guitar. To my surprise it all went very smoothly, polite to enthusiastic applause, a couple of beers from the management when I had finished and even a beer from someone in the audience. Whether I could do that now is down to time and the will to build a little set. If I had more time I would probably try but hey who knows I might give it a go in future, I do miss gigging.

So below is a cover and three drawings from my last 'obliterarty' book. I like them very much and I hope other people get them, well in the end you do what you do and see what happens.

So tonight I am off to drawing and to assimilate all the bad and sad news coming out of this country and the world. Peace to all.


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