Friday, 30 September 2016

Contemporary Abstract Drawing,

When I started drawing last night, this came out using 3 Windsor & Newton Promarkers and below is the bleeding narrative version. Happy with both.

After the first and it's reverse twin I did these twins. These were done my not just dotting with the W&N's but then adding silver and white metallic pens and on the one above also uni pin dots in between.

I am really quite pleased with these four new 'whole sketchbook' drawings nice and fresh and also that nice combination of using new pens to see how they perform.

Today we finally took down our ' Art Lovers' exhibition at Cafe Art. More exhibitions to find and also one for myself and Zoe Eaton to put on at Barnoon Workshop, keep your eyes peeled for dates.

I have a major striving feeling in my heart at the moment to get my work out there more, this would seem harder than it should be, as finding galleries that deal even partially with contemporary abstract drawing seem very few and far between but the search is on. Even when you g**gle contemorary abstract drawing the majority of the work and outlets you find are in the field of contemporary abstract painting. I feel I have just to be more thorough in my search for like minded people and galleries.

I draw everyday and I now blog everyday to further my work and thoughts. I look forward to the act of drawing everyday, it has become such a part of my daily life now and enjoy each one as I do them and I am also fascinated how they will come out as they are all determined by setting out some rules or processes. To this as I have said before I have so many ideas it is easy for me to just start drawing unless I have already started something that takes a while and then more ideas come flooding in.

I am off to draw soon so cheers!

ps I have just heard that two lost Van Gogh's have been found in Italy.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

New drawings and Thursday.

Last night when I opened my sketchbook I discovered the gestural lines I did the night befor so I thought I would do a bleeding narrative version so here they are above and below.

I then took the gestural idea to another place and here it is, looking like one of my drawings but a little different too. I am pleased with it as another idea out on the paper.

Today we went to Truro to pick a few things up and a secondhand laptop for our business now I can get back on with some website admin and continuing to try and get our business and courses more noticed. My old laptop is too old to get onto things like facebook, so we needed it.

I then took Zoe upto the workshop for a meeting and then had to go off and do another guitar lesson.

I have and exhibition of mine and Zoe's work to take down and to start attaching 'boards' to the wall at the workshop so we can have more of a gallery experience too. We found over the summer that quite a lot of people thought we were a gallery so soon some of Zoe Eaton's paintings and my drawings will be available from the Barnoon Workshop too.

Dinner to eat and more drawing to do.


Wednesday, 28 September 2016

New Drawings, painting and guitar classes.

Above is the first drawing I completed last night by adding green sharpie dots to it. I found it earlier when it was just the graphite dots in an old water colour pad, must have started it months ago.

Above is the second one, 1,400 dots.

Another from last night, berry red and amber Windsor & Newton promarker with the blender pen and some uni pin dots.

While using the blender pen on the stripe drawing the bleneder pen bled this through and I though it was so lovely that I just added a few uni pin dots and her presto, Minimal!

As I had done gestural figrative drawing on the drop in and draw at Barnoon Workshop I thought I would do two gestural line drawing and above and below are the results. I really like them and the seem to fit with in my own personal art bounderies.

Today I have coated 3 large Mdf boards that are going to be the start of the Barnoon Workshop/ Gallery experience that we hope to bring to the world soon and done 2 separate guitars lesson the second I had 6 on my Beginners Guitar Workshop we have every wednesday evenings.

Blogging, then of to draw and relax Cheers!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

New Drawings and Old, St Ives In December Meeting

Above is a drawing I completed last night using my 'missing principle'. So I started with a silver pen that was running out, I didn't expect it to run out quite so quickly but it did so I went onto a gold one to finnish the grid.

Above is another drawing finished last night in my 'bleeding narrative' series.

It has been mainly an admin day today so not much art done but some will be done when I have finished the blog.

Chris, Angela, Sherry, Lin and Rachal
The other main thing I attended today is the St Ives in December meeting. It is still strange having these meetings without Paul Ford our previous leader who died earlier this year. We are trying our hardest to make it a good tribute to him this year. I am part of this group whilst representing The Lantern Parade. It will be our second year. These people give a lot of time and effort to make our festive events work.

Funny being at a meeting with our exhibition 'Art Lovers' behind at Cafe Art St Ives.

This is a short but visual blog today as I am a tired fellow tonight and I still have some work to do.

Below are three of my earliest dot drawings which I found today when accessing one of my old hard drives. I was very pleased to find them although they are still not quite printable quality they are the best images I have of these so I thought I would share them with you.

Below are a couple of the best images of my work that I have to date, they were done earlier in the year by Jordan Laurence Jackson and you can more of his work here.

Above my 96 grids. This took a while and it has been estimated there are between 130k and 150k dots in those grids and shows off one side of my work.

Below is another Jordan pic of one of my 'whole sketchbook' This is the opening page and inside cover.


Monday, 26 September 2016

Work in progress, New drawing, Drop In And Draw - Barnoon Workshop

Above is the large drawing I embarked on the other week, it is growing slowly with me only getting the odd hour on it. I do like the way it is developing though it is a bit of a laborious task, each dot requires me to take the lid of a pen, do the dot, replace the lid and then put it back in the right order so I know where I am with it. Having said that human errors always pop in to say hi so like life it is ordered chaos.
Below I have a close up to show you better how the dots nestle together and how the nibs of each widen as they make more marks. The set of pens I am using are only for this drawing, well until at least it is finished so lets see how they hold out/deteriorate, all part of the work.

Above is a new whole sketchbook drawing I did last night, still leaving bits out as is my want in this book until it isn't.

Today started with a quick breakfast and up to Barnoon Workshop where my wife Zoe Eaton runs Drop In And Draw, I always become the extra student and am making some progress and enjoying every challenge that comes along.

Before we got started author Rob Donovan popped in with my copy of his new book "Road To Corbyn', I happily paid for it and look forward to reading it. As he went off in his wellies and waterproofs into the rain, the class started.

Zoe explained to us we were going to do gestural drawing, we did a few excercises and then headed off to the Porthmeor Beach Cafe to find a warm place to draw people, lucky for us despite the sometimes rainy weather there were plenty of people on the beach, some for their surfing lesson with St Ives Surf School some just walking the beach and others admiring their boyfriends who were surfing.

Above and below are two of the pages I drew in a 'real drawing' sketchbook at Zoe's class. I am very pleased with them, people are a whole new ball game for me to draw and I have started to find my drawing language for them at last.

Porthmeor and the surf schoolers.

Anne Kelly at the Barnoon Drawing Class
The waves coming in .....
This afternoon I didn't do any art but now is my time to get on with some....


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Slow Worm, New Drawings, Art Drop and Clodgy Walk

Above and below are the two sides of the first drawing I did last night with my new Windsor & Newton promarkers. I decided to use them both in each drawing I did last night. The one below is the 'bleeding narrative' version on the reverse side of the page.

Above is the second of my double drawings last night, here I am playing with the idea of not rigidly finishing off but stopping when satisfied and not reaching the logical conclusion. It is sometimes a little bit of a thought struggle to stop and on these ones I am pleased with the results. I know what I see in this and the 'bleeding narrative' below i do wonder what other people might see?

Above is the final drawing I did last night with my two new markers, exploring new pens or new colours does make me a happy little artist. I do not have huge budgets for art materials which is why it pleases me and also why I probably work with such contemporary drawing materials and sometimes found mediums.
Below is the bleeding narrative version and it seems to me that I carried on with the not quite filling the drawing and I do like the odd balance it gives to the image.

Above is an art drop I have been preparing in between doing other drawings.

The Atlantic Ocean with White Horse

After a huge late fried breakfast we decided to go for a walk passed The Garrick Hotel and out to Clodgy. It was a bit windy but not cold and the views were magnificent, not sure I have captured them with my phone but they give you a good idea.

Looking out to The Island and the North Coast beyond.

Looking West from Codgy

Lichen shapes and colours.

My lovely wife Zoe Eaton.

Looking east from just above Clodgy

Above is the art drop I did today on the coastal path, it took a little while to do the drop and take a discreet photo as it was quite busy out there today with lots of people of all nationalities taking good advantage of the early autumn weather.

A short while along the path we found this little creature crossing the path. It is a slow worm with a missing tail. Slow Worms are lizards so the tail will re grow in time. This is the first one I have seen for a very long time. I remember seeing them in Cornwall in the 60's and 70's around Sennen Cove but I am not sure I have seen one since then and Zoe has never seen one to it was a kind of a blessing. It took a while to get off the path as we watched probably why they are called 'slow'.

Back home now feeling quite invigorated for the two hour walk we did preparing stuff for tomorrow and then onto a bit of cooking and clearing up in the House of Wotnot, then drawing.

Cheers all.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

New finished drawing, new art stuff and Life.

Above is the drawing that has been added to each day whilst doing other drawing has come to a conclusion, 'Sampler is finished' although I am not sure I have a rest your eye spot on this one.

We have been off to Truro for art surplies, I got two new promarkers and some Fabriano A1 300gsm Rough so I can continue with some big drawings, we also picked up a piece of black lino and a lino cutter for us both to experiment with. I questioned Erin Lacy at yesterdays print workshop about it and thought we should have a go. I wonder what I will come up with and what Zoe will do.

Above is an update on the sharpie big drawing I am 'in' at the moment, I have replaced the dining room bulb over the table and it now gives these shadows from Zoe's 'sea glass' chandelier that she made a few years ago for her exhibition a few years ago at Cafe Art and then remained there until we left and is now in our room.

Above is that chandelier, I love its raw randomness.

I have heard on the radio news tonight that surprise surprise that Jeremy Corbyn has been re elected with a larger majority than last year, even with some 250,000 Labour members for being removed from the vote in one way or another. After seeing him speak at Heartlands earlier this year, he has become the first politician in years that actually strikes me as a normal person who wants a better world for us all and I for one would welcome a better world as I feel it is a harsh and unfair place to be even in this country. Hopefully he will win the next election and save the NHS that Jeremy Hunt seems determined to dismantle. Mind you that is not his only task he has many ahead of him I do hope the party unite behind him and put up a plausible opposition in the UK, the Tories want to know who they are fighting against because they don't actually seem to know who they have been fighting recently what with UK and their own back benchers and the Brexiters. I think in the news recently we haven't truly found out how damaged the Conservatives are with the infighting that is going on in the party because they were Corbyn bashing. Perhaps they ought to leave him alone and focus on the dangerous ones who are screwing us with information on arms sales and keeping the divide between the poor and the rich.

Above is Jeremy meeting the people after his speech at Heartlands earlier this summer and is a few minutes before he too the time out to have a little chat with my 15 year old son.

I need to get my hands on a copy of 'The Road To Corbyn' by Rob Donovan and read more around the subject, maybe I don't fully understand what is going on, I do like to try and keep myself informed.

I just want a more peaceful world where all people are less afraid.

Anyway I am off to escape this and do some art, it has a calming effect on me. It is a good space to be in for a few hours a day and helps me keep my ideas flowing and my mind a little more at peace.