Thursday, 31 August 2017

New drawings and stuff.


Above and below are two sides of my latest drawing, sorry the below is slightly blurry but I hope it gives the idea. I am happy with both sides.

 In last evenings drawing session I also finished the two smallish drawings below, these two pieces of paper were previously and experiment with coffee staining that I then used a the basis for these two drawings.

Today I did a beach life drawing class above Porthmeor and a busy session it was too including an art teacher from Austria and also one from Blackburn. I didn't get home in time to take pictures of my drawings from this session but I did quite a few as an example for others to work from if they chose.

This afternoon I did my grocers shift so it felt like a full and busy day and was....

I am now off to draw for a while and get ready for tomorrows work.

Cheers all, ahh the life of an artist.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Some of my day and Obliterarty drawings.


Today started with a soap making workshop up at Barnoon which my wife ran, I did a water run and then went off on my drawing tour of buildings and architecture and finished at 12:30 had a quick lunch and then I spent an afternoon in the grocers and then went back up to the workshop to do a guitar session. I got home by nine o'clock.

I have failed to get a pic of my latest drawing that is now complete and I am wondering what to draw next and so for now I have shared some of my 'Obliterarty' drawings. I have now done three obliterarty books and I am sure I will do more when I get the right book to convert/remix. I really enjoy the process of changing a book that may be obsolete and giving it new life so below are some of the pages/drawing from Obliterarty Vol 2.

Below are three drawings  that may have influenced some of the obliterarty works.

And there is my blog for today.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Alfred Wallis commemoration and work in progress.


Above is the drawing, still unfinished that I have been working on for the last few days and have more to do tonight.

Today started with me heading up to Barnoon Workshop for my Tour & Draw Tuesday event.

The first thing we encountered on our tour was at Alfred Wallis's grave and a wreath had been laid to commemorate his death on this day in 1942. We then went off around town chatting and drawing and had a thoroughly good time, thanks to Carl and Kate from BID St Ives for joining us. I am hoping the weather holds for tomorrows outdoor drawing session, we will see.

This afternoon was a flat afternoon day of work and I have now returned home to eat and draw and relax and hope fully get that drawing finished, more about that tomorrow no doubt.


Monday, 28 August 2017

Monday morning drawing group at Barnoon Workshop.


Today I attended the drawing class at Barnoon Workshop as I always do on a Monday morning and this morning the weather was so nice Zoe took us out on the coastal path and I really got stuck in to drawing and did far more drawings than I expected. Not many things could be more lovely than starting the week drawing outdoors on such a lovely morning on the coastal path towards Man's Head.

Above is the first drawing I did on the coastal path today and it really set me up to continue as you will see below.

Above is the drawing I finished with before lunch and very happy with it too.

I did do some drawing last night on my current 'abstract' work in progress but I did take a pic because it was too dark when I got home after my stint in the grocers.

I am off to draw now so I can give you and update in tomorrows blog.


Sunday, 27 August 2017

Bank Holiday Sunday, work in progress and some grid works.


Above is my latest work in progress and the drawing I will continue with in a while. It is taking shape but needs a lot more done.

Today has been a non work day which is the first in a long time or at least it feels that way, however I have been busy learning songs for the party band. So this afternoon we headed up to Pelican House for Family Lacy and their house warming/retirement and birthday party combined. It was a lovely affair plenty of people we hadn't seen for a while and also some new friends were made too. Least of all two people I hadn't met before who were in the band I played bass for. It was much fun playing bass in a band again and the first time I have played in a rock band for over seven years since leaving Milton Keynes. Most of our band members were from the Milton Keynes area and a wonder that I didn't really know any of the previously although a few of us have probably played at the same gigs/festivals in MK in the past.......

Below are a few drawings that I have done in the last couple of years, all have a grid theme and that might have a little to do with living in grid city for many years.

I am off to draw...

Saturday, 26 August 2017

New Drawing done, Drawing Tour and Rock and Roll.


Above is my new completed drawing that has taken a week of work so an estimate of some twenty five hours work and very pleased I am to have finished it and what it looks like pleases me too.

Above is a new work in progress is an extension of my Monochrome Set book work, however this will be coloured when I have completed all the lines that I have planned.

Today started with me leading a drawing tour around St Ives and the weather could not have been better. Three people turned up a lady from Hayle and two ladies from London just down for the weekend and seeing the spectacle of St Ives on a barmy warm morning through their eyes, what a perfect scene was there for us all to draw.

Since then I have been doing some musical cramming for a gig I am playing at a friends big party tomorrow evening and I have learned ten new songs on the bass especially and am now more than ready for a crafty cider and some drawing time.

Back tomorrow......

Friday, 25 August 2017

Random works...


Today has been a busy day I did a coastal path drawing session this morning and this afternoon after lunch I helped in my friends grocers and after that I have had a bit of a Friday night with my wife and friends in the pub, this does not happen very often and has been very nice.

I have not managed to do an update of last nights drawing work as it is now dark and could take a good enough pic of how far I have got with with my latest work in progress, update tomorrow after more work so I am just going to show a few random drawings from the last while....

So above are some random drawings from the last while.....

I have more drawing to do....


Thursday, 24 August 2017

My continuing work in progress, a drawing tour and stuff.


Well here it is again my current work in progress and I am happy with it's daily progress considering I have to go to work and cannot spend all day drawing. I will see how far I get later and post it up tomorrow.

Today I had a very nice morning, first there was the news that my son had passed seven GCSE's and second I led a drawing session just above Porthmeor Beach for six enthusiastic drawers. The weather was very favourable for this group session and I added to my already deep summer tan.

After lunch I went for a quick chat and a coffee with all round good guy and 'film man' Alban from St Ives TV but after wasn't quite so much fun as I had to have some bloods taken at the Doctors. I then did a little more networking before meeting with my wife Zoe after her afternoon workshop.

This evening I have done some website work and sorted some emails and am now quite tired so I am off to draw and hope for good weather and a good drawing tour on the coastal path tomorrow morning.

Cheers all!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Work in progress, art tour and Bob Deveraux.


Above is the latest update on the progress of the drawing I have been doing since the latter part of the weekend. I did make good progress last evening but hey still more to do.

I took an art tour out to draw buildings today and within fifteen minutes of starting it began raining so we nipped down to The Mariners Gallery to draw inside I gave some guidance and encouragement and the next hour or so whizzed by, I go quite engrossed in the the ceiling and far end windows and did quite a few slightly abstracted drawings enjoying the patterns.

After lunch I went postering around town and popped in on Bob Deveraux's show at The Penwith Gallery, well worth a look. After I had a quick turnaround and ended up the hill for a brief rehearsal for Sunday's party gig which appears to be a bunch of us old Milton Keynes musicians, two of us live in St Ives and the other three are people drummer Tony used to be in bands with, I have only played with one of them once so first full play will be as we hit the stage. It should be an interesting hour and my first band gig since moving down here and who knows what it will lead too.

Off to draw.