Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Two new drawings etc.


Above is the drawing I worked on last evening, it is drawn on a watercolour experiment my wife did as part of one of her workshops and she donated it to me to draw on and now it is done.

Today has been a mixture of all sorts, I took 7 on a tour and draw of buildings which was blessed by half decent weather and spent sometime on Barnoon Terrace and then took shelter from the wind down in Norway Square. After I picked up lunch and went back upto Barnoon Workshop where Zoe had finished a kids session. We have been contacted about doing a 'tour and draw' tomorrow by a German tour guide for as many as 20 people but it has not been confirmed I guess because of the weather. We will see.

Also while I was up at the workshop I finished this simple drawing before going off to help in my friends grocers so quite a full day again and now I am really tired so a short blog tonight so I am still capable of doing some drawing to show tomorrow.

Cheers all!

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