Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Work in progress and large or time consuming works.


Above is my latest work in progress and it is going to take a few more drawing sessions and so far I am four sessions in. Not long after entering my world of abstract drawing I realised I wasn't always drawing for a quick satisfactory moment, although I do enjoy making quick small works. Having said that when I am on a larger scale work that takes a few days or a week or even longer sometimes I seldom get at all frustrated I just know that one little bit of the idea needs my endeavour to see it through I am always curious to see how things will look when I am in the middle of one of these and always pleased with the results and just sometimes that I have excelled myself. I will share a few of these 'moments' below to show you what I am on about.

There I think those will give you the idea, I now have to get on with drawing and this latest involved work so, see you tomorrow.

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