Friday, 11 August 2017

Work continues and an art tour.


I took two people out on the coastal path to draw this morning on my art tour, which was nice and the weather held for us and we all got quite a few drawings done. One lady was from High Wycombe and the other from Dusseldorf since then I have done shopping and some drawing. Oh the exciting life of an artist.

 The other side of that is that am am satisfied with the amount of drawing time I have fitted in in the last 24 hours, so above is my drawing that I showed yesterday with a lot more lines and also colour, might even get it finished tonight. I must admit that I am rather pleased with it already and as it is an amalgam of one of my Monochrome Set works with a grid motif thrown in and something that came from my 'obliterarty' series. I am thinking of leaving the grid interiors in their black and white state and just colouring the remain circles, I believe I will be very satisfied by that.
With this kind of satisfaction from the works I do big or small I can hardly play at being that kind of 'tortured artist' because I can get quite a deep joy from finishing a drawing or two.

 Talking of one or two finished drawings I managed to finish two more drawing or more like two sides of the same drawing, so above and below are both sides of this work. So the first one is done with the large dots being drawn on the reverse side with a cheap WB permanent marker, bullet tip. I really like the way the ink bleeds through cartridge paper and the way it spreads and gathers, ah the simple things in life. The smaller dots were done with a uni-pin fine liner 0.8.
The other side of the paper below is those dots as they were drawn and then encircling them with the same 0.8 fine liner and the a 0.5 fine liner to do the lines.

When I did the original drawing I also put a cheap sheet of drawing paper underneath to see what else would print through and above is how I left it.

I will be off to draw and relax soon after all it is Friday and it has been quite a tiring week.


  1. Bobby
    Great work - you inspire more than you realise

    1. Louise, why thank you and nice to have feedback. :)