Monday, 7 August 2017

New Drawing and other drawings, art drop. 'Totem' Simon Williams and Jeremy Diggle.


Hello, here I am again starting a new week with yesterdays new drawing work and here it is below all finished after quite a few sessions and hours. This latest series of drawings based on some of my obliterarty and post obliterarty works are on paper just larger than A3.

Above is the drawing I started just after finishing the last one and I have managed to get quite a way into the first big stage. I spend about three hours a day or so drawing, it is the manner in which I explore and come up with new ideas and things slowly evolve. Just the way I like it to happen.

Monday starts as Monday does every week with my wife's drawing class at our Barnoon Workshop. The theme today was to our own 'compressed' drawing of all the things we saw and wanted to all rolled into one work and above is my stab at it with the things I saw inside the workshop and also what caught my eye whilst outside.

This afternoon whilst my wife was delivering a busy watercolour class at Barnoon I went postering and also happened upon an exhibition called Totem by Simon Williams and Jeremy Diggle. I thoroughly enjoyed the show a cut above some exhibitions in this town.Whilst there I also bumped into Karen Foss, friend and fellow artist. We both ended up talking to Simon pictured above with Jeremy's work on his left and his on the right. I learned quite a lot about Simon's technique including using graffiti paints on the reverse of paper so it bled through a relation to my 'bleeding narrative' drawing style with marker pens. If you are in St Ives at the moment this exhibition is well worth popping in on.

I returned to the workshop just before class finished and completed a small art drop to put on the wall outside Barnoon. I will see if they are still there tomorrow.

I am about to start drawing again and to try and get my drawing further on although I seem to coming down with a pretty heavy cold so we will see just how far I get, when I report in tomorrow.

Cheers all!

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