Saturday, 12 August 2017

Happy with the new series so far or other adventures in contemporary abstract drawing.


This morning when I arrived at Barnoon Workshop I was greeted by a brief shower and I thought I might not get anyone on my tour but it didn't seem to be the case. So two adults and a child and off we went around the town with me being hopefully informative and also we did a couple of good stops for drawing.

After I returned to the workshop and we decided as we were both full of cold to cancel our 'portrait' session. Since then we have had a slow relaxing afternoon with some work and a little drawing for me.

I have been really enjoying this recent thread of works perhaps are becoming a mini series and last night in my drawing session I managed to start and finish a whole work.

Above is this latest work and somewhat more minimal than any other in this series, there has to be one, well I try. I am really struck by the decorative style of this one I could almost see it in some religious building, well maybe.

Above is the bare bones of the next drawing in the series that I started just before writing this blog. Below are the other four in this series so far and very taken with them I am too.

So with all these drawings in my head at the moment I am going to go off and carry on with this latest one and see how far I can get on with it, I feel really in the flow with these so I am going to strike while the iron is hot and follow where it goes.


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