Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New drawings, older drawings and a recent one. Abstract Drawing.

Today has been about many things for me, trying not to let the troubles of the world get me down or anything else for that matter. I did quite a bit of work on the Barnoon Workshop website and then we went about town to get a few things and to get ready for tonight's meeting, more about that later.

Above is another drawing that I did in my drawing session yesterday. I am trying to finish of my obliterarty book Volume One.

Above is another I started the day before but think I finished yesterday.

Above is another from that book that I started and finished last night, it has a bit of a cosmic tartan thing going on I think.

Using the obliterarty technique I have started working on ideas for a modern art photo booth project that my wife Zoe Eaton is getting off the ground, it has a working title of  'Your Face My Art' It is a project that takes the old idea of the photobooth into artist's hands and creativity. So above is a pic I found of Vince Clarke the electronic musician from Depeche Mode to Erasure. A little experiment. Tonight there was a meeting of some St Ives creatives, Zoe Eaton, Jordan Jackson, Erin Lacy, Marie Keeling, Kaz Turnbull, Suzi Gutierez and me.

Before the meeting tonight Jordan had sent me the rest of the files of my work he had taken the other weekend. So I am showing a few of these too you. Above one drawn with blue sharpie dots and white gell pen on top.

Above is a more radical less ordered drawing than my normal max it out vibe is sometimes but I do like to widen the path that my work travels down.

Above is another from that session and from my last whole sketchbook work.

Above is a final photo taken by Jordan Jackson whist he was also filming a time lapse video of me finishing one of my last larger scale drawings.

Talking of larger scale drawings above and below are details from the last one I finished last weekend. I am Jolly pleased with it.

Above is a better pic than the last one I posted and gives you an idea of the whole.

I am off to get a bit of drawing in and relax a little. Cheers!

Monday, 30 January 2017

New drawings again and again etc

I draw every day I can, most days and below are mainly drawings from my current project. My altered sketchbook which I am changing and enhancing to be something new. I have done works like this beforet present I call it Obliterarty, that may change but I am still kind of liking it as a description.

Above is a double pager in this not quite finished work but it is only just two weeks old. So it will take me another week I would think maybe a bit less.

Above another in the grid series.

Above another grid but with the stained glass vibe.

Above another grid obliterarty.

I also added the purple sharpie lines on each side of this one.

Above is the one I will start to finish tonight.

Above is one I have shown in this quality before from my previous sketchbook work. Thank to Jordan Jackson again for this one.

I am off to draw more in a bit. Cheers!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

New drawings and new pics of slightly older drawings.

So this weekend has been mainly home based as the weather has not been great and we have been doing some home inprovements but that does mean I didn't factor in some drawing time. Below are some new and some improved obliteraty's from my altered sketchbook work that is now nearly two weeks in the making.

I am finding these a lot of fun to do and they are taking my mind a little of the state the world is getting into. It frees me up while I draw to think nice things rather than watch our politicians screw this world up.

This was just the coloured sharpie lines but I thought it needed more so added the fine liner lines.

Above could be the my favourite obliterarty yet, you can sort of make out that there is a delicate painting behind all the marks. This is not an experiment in destroying other peoples work but just me getting enjoyment from where the thoughts and actions will manifest.

Above and below two grid works in the altered sketchbook, I like the way they leap off the page.

Above is another drawing from the said book but last night I thought it was unfinished and need a more colourful setting so here it is.

Above is the last one I did last night featuring grids and lines. In someways the grids and lines are very much my thing when I leave dots out of the equation.

Above is the last work in my last 'whole sketchbook work' It covers the last page and the back inside cover. It started as just the last page but the back cover was so inviting it had to be done.

Above is an example I think of me actually achieving being more minimal. I love the way ink bleeds, I don't know why but it ticks a box in my head as does creating new drawings.

Above is also a more minimal one but starting to gather in it's complexity.

Above is another from the said book but much lass minimal, maybe minimal in it's initial concept but not in the execution. For these images from my last finished sketchbook I must thank my good friend Jordan Jackson. Feel free to see more of his fantastic photographic work with this link www.flickr.com/jordanlaurencejackson

We were going for a walk but darkness seems to have snuck up on us so maybe just a quick visit to the shop before shutting the door and keeping the winter out and to get some more work done.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

New Obliterarty drawings and Wotnot music.

Well here am I starting my blog and there is actually a new and interesting documentary about the painter Francis Bacon. I am certainly not his biggest fan but can see how he fits in to modern painting history. So this blog will not be one long stream of consciousness as it is sometimes.

Above is the first drawing that I finished in last evenings session, I had got two thirds of the way through it the night before but I am happy and satisfied with it now it is finished.

Above and below are the same concept and process carried out on to two opposing pages of this altered sketchbook work and strangely how different the look.

After that double drawing I embarked on another one but was too tired to quite complete it and must after I finish this blog. At present I am not sure if completing the small black dots will do it or will I have to do even more. You and me await the result of that.

Today has been a day of home improvements I have painted and alcove and Zoe my wife has been handy with the chalk paint, three chairs and one chest of draws well on the way to looking nicer and more homely.

After that I went on to start in a small way to re-start my little musical career. I have signed upto a new way of getting your music into all the current music stores, itunes, amazon etc. So to move this forward I have uploaded all the mp3's to an aggrigator like I did nearly seven years ago and am going to  re-release my album 'Front Room Laptop Drama' that I recorded what seems like quite a while ago and almost a different life. In some ways it is making what I do be it art or music that it is out there for whoever wants it. That may well not be millions but in some ways I don't mind whether that is tens or hundreds or thousands but at least it will be or is out there somewhere. Below is what may well be the old cover art for that album of music, a labour of love. I will have to find new cover art for it because the original file is too small for the times. The original cover art drawing was done by wife Zoe Eaton and I still love that drawing and a whole series that she did a few years ago. Eventually this and many other drawings were in a youtube video I did to illustrate the lovely drawings and I made a tune to go with it. Here is a link to 'Sketchy' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkBnp3y4oQc

Well of to draw and think and digest The Francis Bacon Documentary.


Friday, 27 January 2017

New finished work, Obliterarty and Porthmeor Beach.

Above and below are two new 'obliteraty's' that I finished in last nights drawing session both based on lines but having quite a different feel.

Above is another grid oblit drawing that I did last night whilst continuing to follow these ideas through the book.

Above is a similar idea but expanded to one page, one grid.

Above is a drawing I didn't finish last evening and will finish after I stop writing this, I am thinking of not trying to have quite the same sequence of pens so if will change the mood a little, maybe.

Today we went out for a walk and to pick up supplies and a had a little beach comb on Porthmoer Beach, a few folk walking but more surfing.

Zoe Eaton

The Island

Above and below these two things caught my eye, thsand grains on the rock and the shape of the sea weed, natural beauty.

Above is not the greatest quality photo but I managed to get a bit more time with this drawing that I was getting closer to finishing yesterday and managed to finish it with under two hours work. I will get a better pic tomorrow and do a couple of close-ups too.

Off to draw, cheers.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Bigger work in progress and more obliterarty.

 Last night I got on with my new Obliterati altered sketchbook. It seems to be one of those freeing up from some of  things I do.  From time to time it gives my head just a little more in tune with what I do by stretching it a little here and there bringing in new mixtures and seeing if new ones come out.

Above is the finished version of what I showed in yesterday's blog, it really seems to give a big nod to stained glass, would love it to be for real if it could be realised but hey I think that might be a pipe dream at this present moment.

Above is another in the series and in the book and another in my grid series. I am finding quite bold and striking at at the moment it seems to have a title....

So after obliterating some printed paintings it was onto the text which makes me think of Rothko and Patrick Heron a bit......
All the above were from last nights drawing session.

Today I needed to reconvene with the larger drawing I started last week, I have been itching to get back on with it but have had many other things on my plate so to speak. Today I needed to do my art for therapy and to relieve some stress and to get my head thinking again. So I managed to get quite a few hours in on the above drawing. This photo was taken when there was still light enough to make it look ok. Since then I have manage another couple of hours and many hundred more little black dots. It doesn't quite show in the above pic so I took a more detailed one below to give you a much clearer idea of what is going on with it.