Tuesday, 24 January 2017

New Drawings and Newly Found Drawings.

I have been sorting through some stuff recently and found a little series of grid drawings I did probably in the last year, above is the first and simplest of the three.

Above is the riffing response to the first drawing, they kind of make me think of maps, who knows whether you will think that.

Above is the third and final one in the series, where I had obviously thinking and started out on a new strand. So I seem new idea in place and of to approach this one differently. I really love this one.

Recently I have shared a few images from my new altered sketchbook started a week and a day ago. I have been getting into the flow with it and know not whether these are finished or not. I am finding the black or near blank pages a joy to draw on the glossy paper the pen flows so freely and the colours really glow.

Above is the opening title page in the said book and the 'obliterarty' that seems to be the mode with this work.

Above another page that I really enjoyed the act of drawing on. The pattern was set out for me so the only decision I remember making was choice of colour. Who knows if I have finished it and don't care yet.



Above I have submerged the lovely but dated painting because it is called The Hayfield it some how makes me think of my old friend and fellow bass player Gerard. He was a member of North Bucks punk band Scream & The Fits for a number of years.

Above another one undergoing the process. I like how ghostly the original works look when drawn over.

And another, I wonder where it all might end up tonight but plenty of ideas running around my brain. I have recently finished my wife's fabulous chick pea and sweet potato curry, I did the rich and am now feeling pretty full.

Cheers for today, back tomorrow.

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