Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New drawings, older drawings and a recent one. Abstract Drawing.

Today has been about many things for me, trying not to let the troubles of the world get me down or anything else for that matter. I did quite a bit of work on the Barnoon Workshop website and then we went about town to get a few things and to get ready for tonight's meeting, more about that later.

Above is another drawing that I did in my drawing session yesterday. I am trying to finish of my obliterarty book Volume One.

Above is another I started the day before but think I finished yesterday.

Above is another from that book that I started and finished last night, it has a bit of a cosmic tartan thing going on I think.

Using the obliterarty technique I have started working on ideas for a modern art photo booth project that my wife Zoe Eaton is getting off the ground, it has a working title of  'Your Face My Art' It is a project that takes the old idea of the photobooth into artist's hands and creativity. So above is a pic I found of Vince Clarke the electronic musician from Depeche Mode to Erasure. A little experiment. Tonight there was a meeting of some St Ives creatives, Zoe Eaton, Jordan Jackson, Erin Lacy, Marie Keeling, Kaz Turnbull, Suzi Gutierez and me.

Before the meeting tonight Jordan had sent me the rest of the files of my work he had taken the other weekend. So I am showing a few of these too you. Above one drawn with blue sharpie dots and white gell pen on top.

Above is a more radical less ordered drawing than my normal max it out vibe is sometimes but I do like to widen the path that my work travels down.

Above is another from that session and from my last whole sketchbook work.

Above is a final photo taken by Jordan Jackson whist he was also filming a time lapse video of me finishing one of my last larger scale drawings.

Talking of larger scale drawings above and below are details from the last one I finished last weekend. I am Jolly pleased with it.

Above is a better pic than the last one I posted and gives you an idea of the whole.

I am off to get a bit of drawing in and relax a little. Cheers!

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