Thursday, 12 January 2017

Another day in the life of an artist, well not all of it..... Barnoon Workshop.

Above is another in my series of postcard sized drawings that I completed last night and then I started another but that isn't finished yet.

Today has been another day of getting our presence up for the Barnoon Workshop. It seems to take quite a long time to get our events up with pictures that give a visual idea of what goes on in each session we offer. Myself and my wife Zoe Eaton have spent most of the day on this whilst trying to sort out other life stuff too so yet again a day of admin rather than doing art. I must get a little bit of time to finish off my larger work in progress for Saturday's photo call.

Below are probably the final three drawings in my whole sketchbook work that I have added too in my sorting out process.

Things are hard at this time of year but at least when we wander around town you get sights like the two pics below, however that doesn't pay the bills so I have the need to sell some work rather than a desire to. Also we could do with future bookings for the workshops.

Above Bamaluz and below Porthmeor with stormy seas.

I am off to draw and plot. If anyone wants to buy some art off me at studio prices please do get in touch.


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