Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Drawings, work in progress, Jordan Jackson and stuff.

Above and below are a 'bleeding narrative' pair of drawings on one sheet of paper that I did last night, another good experiment done I think, mind you all my work is one large experiment.

Today has been a bit of a non day for me, over the last few days I have succumbed to the big lurgy cold that has been doing the rounds and by this morning it had me in it's grips so I stayed in bed until midday. I had quite a few things to do today and all I managed was taking the car to the garage, it's last trip. I walked back from the garage and felt astonishingly awful so had to cancel a couple of guitar lessons. Eventually after a lemsip or two I was able to focus on some drawing, so I continued to work on this larger drawing. As the sharpies I am using start to degrade the dots are getting bigger and therefore progress is getting faster so I am hopefully I am only a few sessions away from finishing it.
I posted it up on social media earlier and the chap who takes my more official and proper pics messaged me offering his services soon. So thank you very much Jordan see you soon. To see Jordan's photography feel free to click here

Also today and part of posting while doing the social media thing I had a comment from someone who always looks for my art drops but sadly her and her daughter have not found any yet. So when they are down in April I will be doing quite a few drops with then hope that they will find one or some. It is nice to get feedback and messages about my work, really heart warming.

I am off to draw whilst I can and hoping I feel a bit better tomorrow.

Cheers all!

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