Friday, 13 January 2017

More Postcards and an art drop.

In last evenings drawing session I got stuck in to doing more postcard works, whilst doing them I though I might remix some commercial postcards sometime in the future but that was a thought and I did this little series. It took me a while to get away from the sunflower yellow Windsor and Newton marker so the first three riffed on a similar thread.

After the first three I thought I would change colour and above and below are evidence of that. I felt really good about them when I had finished the lot a successful drawing session I thought to myself.

Today agin has been taken up with website work for our workshop, setting out some of our Easter events. It seemed like a productive day and about 3:30pm we ventured out, it was cold, well cold for this bit of Cornwall considering the last few weeks have all been double figure temperatures in the daytime, one of the advantages to living this far west.

On the way back from the shops I did a small art drop down the road, above with a bit of a clue where they are/were... and below a better shot of them.

I have some drawing to do shortly, have to make sure I have my work ready for tomorrows photo session. I must say I am looking forward to much more HD pics of my work, so I can put some of them up on my blog but also on my art websites like Saatchi and Outsidein. Also when I have them it will be good to send them off to Galleries too.

Well I am going to draw whilst listening to Iggy Pop playing his selection of David Bowie tunes on BBC 6 Music should be wonderful. Cheers all.

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