Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Big Picture, Jordan Jackson and more....

Today I am not showing any of last nights drawing session because I have not taken pics of them yet. However that aside it has been a busy day today with Jordan Jackson coming to spend the afternoon with us to photograph quite a number of my drawings and also a time lapse video of me finishing this rather large drawing above, hopefully I will be able to post it soon.

Jordan must have spent three hours taking pics and the results I hope to share as soon as the processing is done. It has been a good and jovial day, banter and smiles.

Below are my pens that I am now allowed to use on other works but while I was working on this drawing and it was a while ago I started. So these 23 pens will come into play so watch this place.

Below is a bit of a timeline of this drawing.

If you care to go and see some of Jordan's photo work you may wish to check his instagram with this link

We have friends coming round now so see you tomorrow. Cheers!

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