Monday, 30 January 2017

New drawings again and again etc

I draw every day I can, most days and below are mainly drawings from my current project. My altered sketchbook which I am changing and enhancing to be something new. I have done works like this beforet present I call it Obliterarty, that may change but I am still kind of liking it as a description.

Above is a double pager in this not quite finished work but it is only just two weeks old. So it will take me another week I would think maybe a bit less.

Above another in the grid series.

Above another grid but with the stained glass vibe.

Above another grid obliterarty.

I also added the purple sharpie lines on each side of this one.

Above is the one I will start to finish tonight.

Above is one I have shown in this quality before from my previous sketchbook work. Thank to Jordan Jackson again for this one.

I am off to draw more in a bit. Cheers!

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