Wednesday, 18 January 2017

An odd series of Contemporary Abstract Drawings....

 As usual I am keeping up my regime of drawing and blogging everyday. However I have not taken any pics of yesterday evenings drawing session as I have had to concentrate on other things so I have been helping doing our tax returns and also meeting with The Deputy Mayor and The BID people so by the time I had the chance to take pics it was already to dark to do them justice so I will have to try and fit it in tomorrow which actually gives me the chance this evening to finish off at least one of the drawings I was doing so today I will share more of Jordan's photos of my work that was done last Saturday. So here is a selection from them below.

Above is a small and compact work from the last whole sketchbook work as are the three below. As I have said before I try to be minimal sometimes but aven when being quite minimal for me the complications often set in. This drawing started of as just the red and yellow dots but then I felt compelled to add dots in between and on top of other dots so there it is.

Above is another quite simple drawing and actually one of the photographers favourites out of this sketchbook work, maybe that is the uncomplicated spirit of this on or not but I do like it a lot.

Here is another drawing built on that simple premise and although I have not counted there must be a couple of thousand or more. I do think it has some movement in the image and as a fan of op-art I like that and respond to it too but that is my main thrust in my work. You may think otherwise.....

Above is another in this series and from the same book but it more about leaving things out and breaking things up.

So after teaching guitar this evening and blogging I am off to do some drawing and get my head together for tomorrow's tasks in life and there seems to be plenty of that at the moment. I need to find time to start finding a gallery/galleries to promote my work. I seem to sell in the majority of places I show but they need to be the right places, all suggestions would be welcome.


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