Monday, 16 January 2017

New drawings and high quality Jordan Jackson pics.

Above is a small postcard sized drawing that I did last evening, believe it or not it took quite a while, it is small variant on the larger drawing I finished the day before.

Today started with making a sketch book out of an old book that was passed on to us with many others, this is part of the cover I started making with a piece of cloth and then drawing on it. Will show more of the cover when it is done.

Above is another drawing done in class at Barnoon Workshop this morning and is in the said book that I am now turning into something else.

Here is a drawing that has got this far in two drawing sessions one yesterday and the other this afternoon. This is now stage one finished, I now have smaller dots to add to it so it can be completed to my satisfaction and that will take a while, I will keep you updated.

As promised I am showing drawings that come from Saturdays 'photocall' taken by Jordan Jackson so above an indigo conglomeration of dots. Below is a drawing made up of bronze sharpie dots each one surrounded by uni-pin dots, for those 'counters' out there, you know who you are, there are 540 bronze dots, sorry you will have to do the rest....

 Above and below two explorations of yellow and red done with Windsor & Newton pro-markers. I love the pure colours these markers give, I buy as many as I can afford but would use them more if they sponsored me......

All the above drawings that Jordan took pics of have 'bleeding narrative' versions that I do not have high quality versions of, maybe another time. I especially love the presence of this drawing above it seems to leap at me.

I have drawing to do now as part of my normal routine at this present time I know not what I will do but with so many ideas in my head it won't take long to get started I am sure, will share tomorrow.


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