Wednesday, 11 January 2017


In last evenings drawing session I think I finally finished my latest whole sketchbook work and then I started a postcard sized drawing which I didn't finish. Today has been a day of sorting out Easter Courses for Barnoon Workshop. In the mid-afternoon we then went out checking out a few places for our drawing interiors session. On the way back up to the workshop I bumped into Mark Osterfield, Director of Tate St Ives and the new curator Ann Barlow, nice to wish Mark a happy new year and to welcome Ann to the town.

After that I delivered a guitar lesson rushed home for dinner and then went out to do another guitar lesson. So I didn't manage to take any pictures. So I have delved into my archive and decided I would show how fascinated I seem to be with circles so above and below are examples on different media to show this off.

This is more of a visual blog tonight, off to draw but a bit tired, cheers.

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