Friday, 27 January 2017

New finished work, Obliterarty and Porthmeor Beach.

Above and below are two new 'obliteraty's' that I finished in last nights drawing session both based on lines but having quite a different feel.

Above is another grid oblit drawing that I did last night whilst continuing to follow these ideas through the book.

Above is a similar idea but expanded to one page, one grid.

Above is a drawing I didn't finish last evening and will finish after I stop writing this, I am thinking of not trying to have quite the same sequence of pens so if will change the mood a little, maybe.

Today we went out for a walk and to pick up supplies and a had a little beach comb on Porthmoer Beach, a few folk walking but more surfing.

Zoe Eaton

The Island

Above and below these two things caught my eye, thsand grains on the rock and the shape of the sea weed, natural beauty.

Above is not the greatest quality photo but I managed to get a bit more time with this drawing that I was getting closer to finishing yesterday and managed to finish it with under two hours work. I will get a better pic tomorrow and do a couple of close-ups too.

Off to draw, cheers.

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