Wednesday, 25 January 2017


 Obliteraty, that is what I calling it for the moment, the title of my new altered sketchbook work.

Above is the first whole drawing I did last night, back to grids again then.... Seems to be in my mind at the moment and they are working well in my mind with the other different and line and dot drawings that are already slotting into the work nicely.

Above is another I started last night and will be getting on with when I have finished this blog. I think it will take a while.

Above is the one I started the day before and then finished last night.

I am really enjoying this 'obliteraty' process.

Today I have given two different guitar lesson, started using 'Word' again and been to the first St Ives In December meeting in The Queens Hotel and better funding for the Lantern Parade in future to grow the event.

Below is a view across the bay, we are blessed to be here.

Cheers all! Maybe a wordier one tomorrow.

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