Friday, 20 January 2017

Lots of dots and lines.

Here is another update of the recent photo's done by my very good friend Jordan Jackson and the intuitive work he has done on them.

Above is a photo giving a more in depth idea of what is happening with this line drawing I did a while back. I think it explains things without having to say much explanation.

Above are just the lines on this A1 sized drawing.

Above is the drawing in context, place roughly central by eye, I don't know how many lines there are on this drawing I really couldn't be bothered to count although if you do let me know.

Above is a much smaller drawing taken from the same photo session nearly a week ago now more minimal but still a little complex I think. This and the image below are from my 'Whole Sketchbook' work.

Here is another in the series of grid drawings, in between just dots, dots and lines and circle themes, grids always seem to come back into my work. I did do some drawings last night but again I forgot to take pics of them due to today's work and life stuff.

I am not writing much today due to world events and I do not want to depress myself or you the reader. I would love to be able to bury myself in my drawing work and come out after the world has sorted itself out and become fairer, however I have a workshop to attend tomorrow but I do have drawing to do tonight.

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