Thursday, 19 January 2017

New drawings, altered sketchbook work and some higher quality images.

Here is today's blog in the harsh poor world of an artist waiting for the next sales, I suppose it is what I signed up for but I need an agent or something. Anyway that aside here are some of the things I have been working on.

Above and below are two new small scale drawings that I did in last night's drawing session and I like them, channeling my inner Hayley Tompkins again I think. I do love what you can do in such a small environment.

Above is another drawing that I am doing in my altered sketchbook I have been switching between  obliterating the original art work, I suppose it is my punk roots and letting it show through as a ghost.

Above is one obliterated but I am now adding to the boarder to enhance the pattern and just to be playful.

Above is another from Jordan's series of photo's that he did of my work last weekend, I know I have said that before this week but you won't know if you haven't been reading daily or keeping up. Another one in my circle series I believe.

Above is a drawing I did in the middle of last year but I hadn't had in photographed properly before. It is A3 in size and has dots on dots. I have no idea how many but I would think it must be 10,000 or so, I maybe wrong but hey....

Above is a drawing that I did last week on paper and a water colour back ground and I like it and a little bit of a departure from my usual.

Today has been another busy day of doing our books and networking and now I am starting to relax although I do not have too much to relax about, life seems a little on hold and just trying to stay positive but this evening's drawing should help with that and I have a couple of pints of cider to help to.

Tomorrow I am aiming to blog some of the larger drawings that were in last weeks photo session, one probably has the most amount of dots I have ever put on paper and the other the most amount of lines, thanks also to Jordan. 

I am off now so Peace to you all.


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