Sunday, 15 January 2017

First results from yesterdays photocall.

Above is the first drawing I did in my recently finished 'whole sketchbook' work. I rarely title my drawings unless I put them online on saatchiart where they require you to do such a thing although I have been thinking of adding titles for a while just to see what effect that has on the viewer and me. So the above is called 'Sampler', I called it that in view of the samplers that that children often did in past centuries to hone their embroidery skills.

With this new sketchbook I was trying to push some of the limits of my familiar ground as well as riffing in my own language. So if I was thinking of titling this one it might be called 'Well Grid'. When I first drew it it was just the main coloured lines that I did and I was happy with that but when I went back through to check the book was finished I decided to add a few dots and that I did with a uni-pin fine liner and a white gel pen.

Above is the drawing I did on the inside cover of my sketchbook and it seems to include what will be the title of this whole work, 'Really it is to do with the Permutations'. The drawing is the fore runner of the larger work I have started this afternoon which has a working title of ' Look Damien, I Did This...' I will start revealing it in tomorrow's blog.

Above is another photo of a drawing called 'Blue and Black Thousands' that Jordan Jackson took yesterday. I am so pleased with it that I have put it up for sale on saatchiart site, If it takes your fancy feel free to buy it, it is 14.5 inches by 11.25 on Fabriano 300gsm art paper. Also feel free to contact me about it or my whole sketchbook which is also up for sale.

Once again I must thank Jordan Jackson for his work yesterday and his post production today. While I have been writing this blog I have been listening to Beardyman and his band making up a whole album's worth of material live on Tom Robinson's show on 6 Music and mighty entertaining it has been.

Well I have to finish now, nip up the shops and then get some drawing done. Cheers all.

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