Saturday, 28 January 2017

New Obliterarty drawings and Wotnot music.

Well here am I starting my blog and there is actually a new and interesting documentary about the painter Francis Bacon. I am certainly not his biggest fan but can see how he fits in to modern painting history. So this blog will not be one long stream of consciousness as it is sometimes.

Above is the first drawing that I finished in last evenings session, I had got two thirds of the way through it the night before but I am happy and satisfied with it now it is finished.

Above and below are the same concept and process carried out on to two opposing pages of this altered sketchbook work and strangely how different the look.

After that double drawing I embarked on another one but was too tired to quite complete it and must after I finish this blog. At present I am not sure if completing the small black dots will do it or will I have to do even more. You and me await the result of that.

Today has been a day of home improvements I have painted and alcove and Zoe my wife has been handy with the chalk paint, three chairs and one chest of draws well on the way to looking nicer and more homely.

After that I went on to start in a small way to re-start my little musical career. I have signed upto a new way of getting your music into all the current music stores, itunes, amazon etc. So to move this forward I have uploaded all the mp3's to an aggrigator like I did nearly seven years ago and am going to  re-release my album 'Front Room Laptop Drama' that I recorded what seems like quite a while ago and almost a different life. In some ways it is making what I do be it art or music that it is out there for whoever wants it. That may well not be millions but in some ways I don't mind whether that is tens or hundreds or thousands but at least it will be or is out there somewhere. Below is what may well be the old cover art for that album of music, a labour of love. I will have to find new cover art for it because the original file is too small for the times. The original cover art drawing was done by wife Zoe Eaton and I still love that drawing and a whole series that she did a few years ago. Eventually this and many other drawings were in a youtube video I did to illustrate the lovely drawings and I made a tune to go with it. Here is a link to 'Sketchy'

Well of to draw and think and digest The Francis Bacon Documentary.


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