Friday, 6 January 2017

New drawing and a sale, St Ives Society of Artists

Above is a postcard sized  drawing I did last night, really pleased with it, it took quite a while for such a small drawing but hey it does have a lot of dots on it.

Today has been an interesting day although we are still both under the influence of a very heavy cold but we went upto the workshop to do some clearing up and also to move our large Lanterns from the Christmas parade. St Ives Holidays/Lanhams very generously let us store these lanterns in there cellar and also big thanks to our parade leader, Pete Jarman for coming down to help us get them moved down there. Zoe did a good job of getting the workshop ready for tomorrow's paper making workshop.

We also popped into the Mariners Gallery to pick up our artwork from the Christmas Open Exhibition and I had not realised that Had actually sold a work from the browser and that is the drawing below. So I have no idea who bought it or where it now resides, I am always curious but you do not always find out but that is the name of the game.

Well I started this blog about two hours ago, not that you would know that but I was interrupted by live FA Cup football. Ever since I was a little boy growing up on the outskirts of Manchester near the airport, I love playing football and Manchester City became my team, they have had their ups and downs, I passed this onto my son too and we have both watched Man City although in two  locations the texts started flying between us as City scared again and again. Feeling very happy about a 0-5 result to us.... so lost my thread on my blog. So more tomorrow.

Happy artist about to start drawing, Cheers!

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