Thursday, 26 January 2017

Bigger work in progress and more obliterarty.

 Last night I got on with my new Obliterati altered sketchbook. It seems to be one of those freeing up from some of  things I do.  From time to time it gives my head just a little more in tune with what I do by stretching it a little here and there bringing in new mixtures and seeing if new ones come out.

Above is the finished version of what I showed in yesterday's blog, it really seems to give a big nod to stained glass, would love it to be for real if it could be realised but hey I think that might be a pipe dream at this present moment.

Above is another in the series and in the book and another in my grid series. I am finding quite bold and striking at at the moment it seems to have a title....

So after obliterating some printed paintings it was onto the text which makes me think of Rothko and Patrick Heron a bit......
All the above were from last nights drawing session.

Today I needed to reconvene with the larger drawing I started last week, I have been itching to get back on with it but have had many other things on my plate so to speak. Today I needed to do my art for therapy and to relieve some stress and to get my head thinking again. So I managed to get quite a few hours in on the above drawing. This photo was taken when there was still light enough to make it look ok. Since then I have manage another couple of hours and many hundred more little black dots. It doesn't quite show in the above pic so I took a more detailed one below to give you a much clearer idea of what is going on with it.

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