Monday, 2 January 2017

Works still in progress but progressing.

Above is a drawing I started yesterday on part of a paper gift bag. I am really liking how it is going so I had better finish it off tonight or at least try.

Today on the last day of our holiday, well time off, with heavy colds I continued working on this it really is starting to do its own thing. It is a rather bold statement. I wander if it will sell when it is finished, I would like to think I could find a buyer and really could with doing so at this time of year now funds are low. To be honest any sales would be welcome at the moment what with the gallery I was in closed two months ago and consequently sales have dropped. Oh well here's hoping.

Here is a close-up of the big drawing I have been doing today, as the dots get bigger it is getting quicker to finish a line and therefore the whole drawing.

Whilst I have been getting on with with my large scale drawing my wife Zoe Eaton has been painting and this above is one of her small scale paintings done on some cardboard. I must admit I love it and her use of colour, texture and form. We are both looking for new galleries to show our work, I don't see why not but have to find the right ones for the job although I would take any offers to start with I /we don't want to be gallery-less for too much longer.

Well I am off to draw and plot and get ready work and the abstract drawing class that I will be holding on Thursday at Barnoon Workshop St Ives.

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