Monday, 31 July 2017

Barnoon Workshop drawing class and some of my work.


Well Monday starts as Monday does with a drawing class at Barnoon Workshop led by my wife Zoe Eaton and today we had some gladioli to draw and with Hokusai as lose inspiration I did this drawing below.

Above is a drawing I started last night but have not had enough time to complete it. It is lovely to have family down here staying but it does tend to slow my drawing down. I have continued with some of 'The Monochrome Set' themes but added colour. I will keep on finding gaps to continue this work although we are all out for a quiz tonight so I am doing this blog early so I don't miss doing it later and it is part of my daily discipline and has been since the end of February 2016. So over 500 days in and with over 27,000 views so far I am pleased with it.

As this is a 'quick' blog and early I will leave you with some varied drawings done on various surfaces.

Cheers, see you tomorrow.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

New works not in books and more.


 Above is a drawing on a bit of drift plywood I had found a few months ago and was ready and waiting for the Wotnot treatment and I got around to it last evening. I think it is finished but I might yet add some lines but who knows at this point because I don't.

After that I then embarked of this drawing, I didn't complete it until early evening today. It also could be finished but might not be, I do like it though.

Today was a day of some early afternoon website work followed by a coffee at The Tate with the family and then on to The Island to meet Tassy Swallow at the Surf House to have a little chat about the Summer Island Disco next Saturday and we are going to have a Barnoon Workshop stall there with crafts and portraits on offer, it should be fun and the weather at the moment looks like it might be good, fingers crossed.
Above and below are two views into the bay from just outside the Surf House.

Well I am off to work on thinking about and starting my next drawing. Well I will report in tomorrow.


Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Monochrome Set whole sketchbook work is finished, gubbins,a washout and The Belgrave Gallery St Ives.


 Above and below are the last two drawings in my whole sketchbook work 'The Monochrome Set' and these are the two inside covers.

Above and below are the front and back covers of this book that I started on 3rd May this year and I have had my head in it ever since. Inside there are 142 drawings that hopefully give an insight into the thought process that has been running through the whole work. It has been quite an intense bout of work and has taken me just under 3 months to do it all. I am very pleased with the book as a whole and I would happily sell it but it would have quite a high price tag. If anyone wants to enter into a discussion into how much I would part with it for please leave a comment and your email.

 Today has been a complete washout for our workshop activities, a morning tour and our contemporary portrait studio but with the amount of rain we have had today I am not surprised but I have managed to do a new drawing that actually includes colour as a bit of a reaction to all the monochrome work I have done in the last while.

As I went down town to pick up our portrait board I popped into see Michael and the Summer Show at The Belgrave Gallery St Ives and came away with two fab gifts to Summer Show booklet and also 'The Book Of Ideas' from the previous show of Sir Terry Frost which was a fabulous exhibition that showed of one of Sir Terry's sketchbooks that had been taken apart and framed. I was very down with this show as I do quite a lot of my work in books. It was also a very illuminating show giving a really good insight into an artist at work with his thoughts and many of the works inside were later made into fully fledged works. Love it!

I am now off to plot my next drawing and a late birthday Prosecco with strawberrys thanks to Gazelle.

Cheers all!

Friday, 28 July 2017

New drawings as usual.


Above is the drawing I thought I had finished last night but then continued with and now it is finished and I also finished an earlier drawing in the book that I felt was rather under developed. I have also now embarked on the back inside cover, hopefully I will complete that tonight and then I am ever so close to book completion and new work.

Today has been a rain ridden day so I had no drawing tour to do but I did run around postering and buying extra wire for our drawing with wire class this afternoon. I also spent a few hours helping in my friends grocers and after that we went down to the railway station and greeted my wife's mother who has come down for birthday celebrations.

So short blog tonight but 518 blogs done in 518 days and I am sure there will be another tomorrow.


Thursday, 27 July 2017

New work and my drawing day.


Above is the 140th drawing in my latest whole sketchbook work which will be entitled 'The Monochrome Set'. I haven't decided whether it is finished yet and it is one of two drawings in this book that I might add to. Either way I have pretty much done 140 drawings in under 3 months in this work, although it is not the only drawings I have done in this period as I do drawing tour 5 days a week weather permitting.

Today on my drawing tour I did quite a few drawings including these ones above and below. Although they were done as examples for the small group I had. It started at 11am and finished at 12:30pm. The top drawing was an illustration of how a simple line drawing could depict a view and is a look out from above Porthmeor Beach towards Clogy using a minimal line technique from horizon to beach and below is a scribble drawing of the rocks at the bottom of The Island.

Above is Porthmeor when we were out drawing, the lifeboat was out and I really hope it was an execise and below is of Porthmeor when we convened for food at The West Beach Bakery at the end of the day and a lovely reward it was from our busy day.

I now have the task of finishing off my book when I open it up to continue drawing. I have the inside and outside covers to complete.

I am now full of ideas of what to continue drawing when the book is finally completed. I recieved a new set of Sharpies for my birthday a couple of days ago so I will get some use out of those.

See you tomorrow......

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

139 and more.....


Above is the drawing I had started yesterday but had no time to finish due to my birthday celebrations and a jolly good night it was to with family and friends in The Castle on Fore Street. We were hoping for a beach BBQ but the weather wasn't quite complying so most of the evening we spent there and then adjourned to The Western for a final drink before home time. So as you see not much time to finish off the drawing but I attended to in in gaps todays and it is now finished and I am happy with it. Now to get on with the final page.

Also today I have seen my son off on the coach back to Milton Keynes, been a grocer for a few hours followed by being a guitar teacher and now at home eating and writing this blog and getting ready to relax and get a bit of drawing done if it fits with life and my tiredness.

I will leave you with a few bits of previous work that may or may not put into context the above new drawing.

Maybe that helps....

See you again tomorrow!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A search for pattern.

Tuesday: My Birthday.

So I am going to show the drawing I am working on, the 139th in my book and an overview and come back with a more wordy one tomorrow.