Tuesday, 4 July 2017

New works and SCalE.


 Above and below are the next two drawings I have finished in my book work these two and the previous one have been less minimal as a reaction to the few more minimal ones before, so the book ebbs and flows page by page. I am two months and a day in on this project and I would like to get it done as soon as I can so I can get on with some slightly different works or very different who knows I don't but I do have many many ideas.

Above is the double page spread of these latest two. I keep wondering what these would look like really scaled up. It would be very labour intensive but I would relish the challenge.

Above and below are the two other 'frottage' works I did at the drawing class yesterday morning, I keep thinking about the process and what else I could do.

Above are the start of and art drop of very small pieces of sea pottery I have started to prepare for sometime in the future. I have been playing around with a few small ideas recently and want to explore. I am getting very interested in scale and I am intrigued with what will come out of these thoughts.

I am off to draw.

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