Monday, 3 July 2017

Frottage, Max Ernst and New Drawings etc


 Above is the first drawing I completed in last evenings session. It has been drawn on a slice of Holly, it made a nice change for me to draw on wood again and just to take a small time off my book work, although the work is based on the book work but I think it transfers rather well.

After the wood drawing I got on with the next work in my book and here it is above, I though in contrast to the more minimal last few I would be a bit more forceful with this one and here it is. I did start another on the theme but I will show that tomorrow when I have finished it.

Above is a little art drop I did today before the start of our Monday morning drawing class. This was a pottery fragment that I must have done quite a while ago and I found it in a dotty bowl I made whilst looking for keys, I barely remember doing it but I thought it should go out in a drop.

So as usual I attended my wife's Monday morning drawing class at Barnoon Workshop, todays subject came from Zoe's research into Max Ernst and a style of drawing he developed called Frottage, basically the French for rubbing. There were eight of us in the group and we had many textured things at hand as well as our environment. So pencils and crayons and graphite sticks at the ready we all enthusiastically  got stuck into finding textures to make up images. So above is the first full drawing I did after doing a kind of sampler experiment to see what caught my eye to make a composition. I feel like I could do a whole series of these in the future and hope I get around to it.

About halfway through Zoe suggested that we go outside around the workshop and apply the technique to making a representation of the world around us. I went out to the tarmac at the back of the workshop and got myself a view of Clodgy and Man's Head and did this drawing. I did very simple guide lines of the landscape and then used the tarmac to get the textures of land, sky and sea with various amounts of pressure with graphite and 5B pencil for the sea.

I then did a second but just of one of the feature rocks on Clodgy using just graphite on cartridge paper and tarmac.

After workshops had finished today we got out with a few more posters and I took this photo of The Barbara Hepworth sculpture on The Malakof and looking quite stunning with St Ives Bay behind.

I am off to draw now and carry on with my whole sketchbook work.

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