Friday, 7 July 2017

Three New Drawings and an Art Drop.


Above is the drawing that I finished last night which wasn't bad going as we were out at our friends 'up the hill' and a lovely night with great food and great company.

Above and below are two more drawings I managed to complete today as I continued to riff my way through this whole book on quick reckoning I have under 30 drawings left to do in this whole sketchbook work plus the front and back cover inside and out. So I had better get on with it later as I have so many other drawings in my head ready to get on with once I have finished this project. Some of them will be larger versions of these but I also need to get on with some dot drawings again as well.

 Above and below are a couple of close-ups of the last two drawings.

Above is a little singular art drop I did today and left out for someone to find.

It is a warm night and I am off to draw some more.

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