Thursday, 6 July 2017

Art tour, new drawing, future art drop and gubbins.


This will be a shortish blog tonight because we are out for another evening at friends, so we are off to Pelican House for food and company and also a little band practice with my drummer friend Tony Lacy. Tony actually comes from our home area of Milton Keynes and indeed in the early days of punk nearly ended up in Killing Joke but instead he decided to get a proper job (as they say down 'ere!). I didn't really know Tony back in the day but we have certainly played the same gigs and min festivals back in the day. He is a damn good drummer and it is nice getting my bass out again.

This morning I took a group of three for beach life drawing above Porthmeor we had a great hour and a half and I showed them all how to do a continuous line drawing sketch.

Last evening I did another drawing in my whole sketchbook work 'The Monochrome Set' and here it is below.

The whole book has been done with six pens, 3 uni pin fine liners and 3 Staedtler pigment liners and I intend to just use these for the rest of the book with some 30 drawings to go.

As I have said in recent blogs I have been working on some small works for my next art drop and above and below are 5 more of the little things.

So I will leave you today with a small selection from the hundred or so drawings I have done for this current book work. See you all tomorrow.

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