Sunday, 2 July 2017

The new drawings just keep coming and bits and pieces.


 Above is the first drawing I completed last evening and is me moving to something slightly more minimal because there have been few minimal moments in this book project that I am on and whilst I had that in the back of my head I started the next drawing which I had already determined would be across two pages. I made the circle outlines fully intending to do more with them and I just looked at it for a few moments. I was just enjoying the delicacy before I carried on but then I thought no I want to keep it that way and would be the most minimal double page in the book and a place to rest before finishing off the book and here it is below.

Since then I have finished off the following page with something slightly less minimal as I move on to the finishing part of the book. I still have slightly under 40 drawings to do and I am starting to feel an inner joy that I have been really getting deeply into this as a whole work and probably I will be finished in a month or so.

Today has been a day of getting ideas together, a bit of website work and waiting for my son and his two friends to arrive, my son is down for nearly a month and his mates are here for a week.

I have also been experimenting with frottage (French for rubbing) going towards Zoe's idea for tomorrows drawing workshop at Barnoon. Max Ernst did many works using this technique. It will be interesting to see what the drawing group comes up with tomorrow.

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