Sunday, 16 July 2017

Tasmina Perry, Wolfgang Fuchs, Drawing and a Guitar Lesson.


Above is the drawing I started in yesterdays drawing session and I finished it in some gaps today.

Today has been a day of many facets. I have been a guitar teacher today and my student was an internationally renowned an best selling author, Tasmina Perry. Tammy turned out to be a very able student and readily learnt four chords and a riff whilst at the workshop and in a quick break we were joined by Tammy's husband and son, she wanted Fin to see my sketchbook and it was nice to meet John also an ex NME journalist.  They have regularly attended our workshops on their holidays in St Ives and a great supporter of all things creative, just as we were concluding our lesson we were then joined by surprise visitors Wolfgang Fuchs and his family.
They have been touring Cornwall and wanted to take some photo's for a future show of the workshop our work place so I did what I was asked posing with art works by my wife Zoe Eaton and even the latest drawing in my book. I answered questions and it turned into quite a photo shoot. I hope it makes the cut in their latest project. Their daughter Jasmine had a good look through some of my sketchbooks and she was perfectly polite. So below is the one photo I took of Wolfgang and his wife Rosie.
Wolfgang turns out to be world renowned photographer who travels the world documenting the people he meets and works for several photo agencies, The National Geographic and for his own shows too. So what and interesting day it became full of interesting nice people.

Rosie and Wolfgang Fuchs.
So I am going to do a little more drawing and continue with my book and take in this whole weekend which has been quite an adventure.

See you tomorrow.

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