Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Monochrome Set whole sketchbook work is finished, gubbins,a washout and The Belgrave Gallery St Ives.


 Above and below are the last two drawings in my whole sketchbook work 'The Monochrome Set' and these are the two inside covers.

Above and below are the front and back covers of this book that I started on 3rd May this year and I have had my head in it ever since. Inside there are 142 drawings that hopefully give an insight into the thought process that has been running through the whole work. It has been quite an intense bout of work and has taken me just under 3 months to do it all. I am very pleased with the book as a whole and I would happily sell it but it would have quite a high price tag. If anyone wants to enter into a discussion into how much I would part with it for please leave a comment and your email.

 Today has been a complete washout for our workshop activities, a morning tour and our contemporary portrait studio but with the amount of rain we have had today I am not surprised but I have managed to do a new drawing that actually includes colour as a bit of a reaction to all the monochrome work I have done in the last while.

As I went down town to pick up our portrait board I popped into see Michael and the Summer Show at The Belgrave Gallery St Ives and came away with two fab gifts to Summer Show booklet and also 'The Book Of Ideas' from the previous show of Sir Terry Frost which was a fabulous exhibition that showed of one of Sir Terry's sketchbooks that had been taken apart and framed. I was very down with this show as I do quite a lot of my work in books. It was also a very illuminating show giving a really good insight into an artist at work with his thoughts and many of the works inside were later made into fully fledged works. Love it!

I am now off to plot my next drawing and a late birthday Prosecco with strawberrys thanks to Gazelle.

Cheers all!

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