Tuesday, 11 July 2017

New works and a round up including David Bowie Blackstar/Starman.


 Above and below are the two drawings I managed to get done in last nights drawing session, I am happy with both and have more to do later to get this monochrome journey nearer the finish. I hope to finish this book work by the end of the month, we will see.

As I have been rounding up some of work with forward thinking to what I will produce next. As usual I have so many ideas burning away in my head waiting to get out and of course not all will make it because I just don't have time to do them all or even remember all of them.

All my work is to do with pure pattern, most are drawings but also I do like to do a bit of environmental sculpture although most of it still relates to my drawing work as show by the four limpet drawing pics below.

The next 3 below are from one of my 'obliterarty' books which is actually the three book project that moved me on to this current monochrome book I am in at the moment.

Above is a much larger work done on 300gsm Fabriano rough press and was made starting with a new 24 set of sharpies with the black taken out, it kind of represents time and the usage and deterioration of the pens if you want to add more meaning to it feel free.

Along with using sharpies I like to use Winsor & Newton Promarkers because the have a wedge tip and a bullet tip and it fascinates me how the ink changes as it dries and bleeds depending on the type of paper or even the other media I draw on.

Another theme to my drawings are grid works, they come in many forms and the one above is from one of the obliterarty books but it does give you the idea.

Much of my early drawings involved dots and millions of them but through exploring my more recent obliterarty works I have now found myself doing circles which I kind of jokingly refer to as hollow dots above gives you and idea.
Below is one of more incomplete conceptual works. I need another eight of theses sea washed plants stems I find on the beach quite a lot but not this time of year so I have only done two so far. When I have 10 of them I am going to offer them out to the first curator who wants to show them. It is a conceptual sculpture work with instruction to take all of them in one hand and 10 inches above the ground dropped and how they land and remain on the surface is how they should be, All I need to do is do the other 8 and then find a way of interesting a curator. I will have to work on that bit of the concept.

Above is the single drawing that I have done so far with the most dots on. It came about through the death of David Bowie someone that I was always a great fan of since the age of 10 and Space Oddity was a top 5 smash and Bowie's first hit. I was deeply affected by his death as it all seemed such a shock as his last album Blackstar was so close to his death. I couldn't listen to the whole thing although I heard most of it on BBC 6 Music and have still not actually had that moment where I listen to the whole album in one go as I have done with every other album he has ever made. That aside above is my drawing Blackstar/Starman is I suppose my tribute.


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