Saturday, 31 December 2016

New work and work in progress and stuff.

Over the last week or so I have been reviewing my last 'whole sketchbook' and whilst doing that and adding the odd dot or minor complication however I have added quite a number of extra dots to this one above. I might have finished but I won't really know until I give it another look when I start drawing later.

Today has been a muddled kind of a day, we got up early and drove to Newquay Airport to my wife's daughter could catch a flight that would eventually get her back to Dubai via Gatwick and The Ukraine. Her journey didn't start well because Gatwick was fog bound but as far as we know she is well on the way now.
Our friends Graham and Lauren lent us their car so we could to this one. So after getting up at 5 am and getting back by 8am we realised our colds were getting worse.

In the afternoon we have both managed to start work on some art, at these times I tend to get out a larger project so I did about 3 hours on this and it is nice to seeing it grow again but  I realise it is still going to take many hours of work to get it to completion.

Above are two close-ups of that larger drawing to give you a better idea of what is going on and how many dots it is taking to make up the full image.

I have also included some recent close-ups of some other recent drawings.

I think this cold/lurgy is going to stop us from joining in the St Ives New Years Eve celebrations. I am sure the thousands of fancy dressed up revelers will be stunning as usual and I am told the fireworks will be tops too.

Well I am going to slope off and listen and watch the new year in. I am hoping and maybe it is a big hope that 2017 will be better but I do fear for it. I still believe in Love, Peace and Understanding, on the side if I bury myself in my art more perhaps I will be a bit more insulated against this rather mad world we find ourselves in.

Good Luck all!

Friday, 30 December 2016

New drawings and stuff.

Above is a new drawing I did last evening and one I really enjoyed doing it too.

Above is another new drawing, I like the relaxed effect it has its imperfections that bring it some sort of life. Well that's what I think at this moment, it might change but I doubt it. We will see in the future, I am sure I will get in with a critique before the first anniversary of this blog, which is now just under two months away.

When I started this blog last February it was for many reasons, of course in a small way it was to make my art a little more visible but I also thought it would be such a good bit of discipline writing about what I do with my days whilst following my art and it's production and what the ends are. So I think that I have certainly accomplished that. I am sure it has helped me order my thoughts and I have gained a comfort in sharing them for all to read.

Above is another drawing I finished in yesterday's session. I must admit to liking this one a lot but hey I do like to varying degrees most of the work I have produced. I am not saying that it is one of my best but I don't know what is I just kind of get attached to them as I do them and like finding works I have not looked at for quite a period and normally I get to feel that again and sometimes I even like them a lot more than at the time of conception.

Today has been a bit of a slow holiday kind of day although I have come down with what is turning out to be a stinking cold but that hasn't stopped me/us from enjoying the day. It is the last one we get to spend with my wife's daughter until the summer, so we went for an afternoon walk out to Clodgy an the way we saw a beautiful Barn owl in flight not long after I took this pic below. I was too much in awe such good views of it that trying to take a phone pic would have ruined the moment and not done justice to this stunning bird.

Above a view of the Island with Godrevy and The North Cliffs fading into the distance, The sea was so still and flat today with a very silver quality that you don't often get.

While we were out walking I did a little art drop of these two that I still had in my pockets from the other day.

Above looking west towards the setting sun, the colours seemed to be standing right out which sadly you don't quite get on this pic but what a beautiful sight anyway.

Well as nearly every other evening I am off to draw and see what appears on the paper or whatever else I can find to draw on.

Cheers all!

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Dot Theory.

Above is another new drawing that I completed in last evenings drawing session, It is not large but it does have a presence.

Above is a drawing I did a couple of summers ago for and exhibition, I like the challenge of draing on different surfaces.

Above and below are painted dots on a canvas bag, I like to keep my pens in them.

Above and below are several drawings that I have done on some bark that was donated by our friend Tree Stewart. I like to get donations and challenges to draw on I wander what I will get given this coming year.

The title of this blog is 'Dot Theory' which goes someway to encapsulating what i do in my 'contemporary abstract drawing'. Today I have included some dictionary definitions of dot/dots.

noun: dot; plural noun: dots
  1. 1.
    a small round mark or spot.
    "a symbol depicted in coloured dots"
    synonyms:spot, speck, fleck, speckle, point, pinpoint, pinprick, mark, dab; More
    raremacule, macula
    "the photograph is made up of tiny dots"
    • a small round mark written or printed as part of an i or j, as one of a series of marks to signify omission, or as a full stop.
      synonyms:spot, speck, fleck, speckle, point, pinpoint, pinprick, mark, dab; More
      raremacule, macula
      "the photograph is made up of tiny dots"
    • Music
      a small round mark used to denote the lengthening of a note or rest by half, or to indicate staccato.
    • the shorter signal of the two used in Morse code.
    • used to refer to an object that appears tiny because it is far away.
      "they were mere dots on the horizon now"
    • used to indicate the punctuation separating parts of an email or website address.
      "OUP dot com"
verb: dot; 3rd person present: dots; past tense: dotted; past participle: dotted; gerund or present participle: dotting
  1. 1.
    mark with a small spot or spots.
    "wet spots of rain began to dot his shirt"
    synonyms:spot, fleck, bespeckle, mark, dab, stipple, pock, freckle, sprinkle, dust; More
    literarybefleck, bestrew, besprinkle
    "spots of rain began to dot his shirt"
  2. I am off to draw and relax, cheers all until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

New Drawings, today a beautiful day and older works.

Above and below are two drawings I completed last night, the above one has taken a few days to do but only because we have had such a nice busy and family Christmas. My wife and I have had our children with us 30 and 16, which does not happen every year so we do appreciate it when it happens.
The drawing below is just another exploration of a small drawing which all started by looking at and posting small drawings in yesterday's blog.

Above is the view across the bay from  between Tregenna Castle and Chy an Albany, what a beautiful day we have had, it is like spring has already hit us and winter has only just started, evidence below. A cowslip in flower.

Below are a selection of other works for you to see, I think they show of some of the aspects of my work. I am now starting to think of where my work should be going next year. I need to get in contact with more galleries and curators. I have worked especially hard this year in getting my work more out there and am now in need of getting my work in other galleries and shows.

Well I am off to relax and get some drawing done.....

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Small drawings and close ups.

Above is a selection of small drawings I did earlier this year, I found it an interesting exploration of what I do. They gave me an interesting quick view of some of the strands of my work but also made me think quickly rather than being in a drawing for more that one day. Some of them will surely get expanded as larger drawings in the future, we will see.

Below are a selection of close ups from some of my drawings, I really find it interesting to look at them this way from time to time, it shows at the same time how intricate some of the are and also how imperfect they are but I think that is what breathes life into them and even sometimes giving a reflection of the complexities of nature itself. This sounds like quite a bold 'artspeak' conclusion but the more and it kind of is but through many years of producing and exploring and finding what I do I feel I am kind of justified in making that kind of claim. I am always happy to discuss this with anyone.

We have had a good family day and met our friends Joel and Maggie for coffees a The Hub and had a little walk around our lovely town. It is nice to relax and appreciate it in the way that you sometimes don't when you are working. It has been so nice to have not worked for a few days and catch some really quality family time.

I am off to relax and maybe do a little drawing it is about time I showed you a new drawing, I have been working on one for a few brief moments over the holiday break so maybe tomorrow....

Cheers !