Sunday, 18 December 2016

Some dots from the last couple of days.

Today has been a time to catch up with myself after the hard work of our Barnoon Workshop team's lantern parade yesterday so have realised that I have done some small scale drawings over the last couple of days so here they are...

Above is one I did a while ago on handmade paper with a gold metallic gel pen. It has a certain sense of purity.

Above strangely seasonal for me I have an offering of a Christmas Tree through the medium of dots. It has been a nice relaxing day with a bit of cleaning up at the workshop and then 7 of 'The Team' joined together for a carvery at The Western Hotel a very social evening and some nice comments from other diners about our parade last night, all feels good but tomorrow the fight goes on to live our lives as artists. So we will be at Barnoon Workshop tomorrow morning for the Drop in and draw session and really looking forward to it with a few festive treats.

I am off to draw.... Cheers!

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