Saturday, 31 December 2016

New work and work in progress and stuff.

Over the last week or so I have been reviewing my last 'whole sketchbook' and whilst doing that and adding the odd dot or minor complication however I have added quite a number of extra dots to this one above. I might have finished but I won't really know until I give it another look when I start drawing later.

Today has been a muddled kind of a day, we got up early and drove to Newquay Airport to my wife's daughter could catch a flight that would eventually get her back to Dubai via Gatwick and The Ukraine. Her journey didn't start well because Gatwick was fog bound but as far as we know she is well on the way now.
Our friends Graham and Lauren lent us their car so we could to this one. So after getting up at 5 am and getting back by 8am we realised our colds were getting worse.

In the afternoon we have both managed to start work on some art, at these times I tend to get out a larger project so I did about 3 hours on this and it is nice to seeing it grow again but  I realise it is still going to take many hours of work to get it to completion.

Above are two close-ups of that larger drawing to give you a better idea of what is going on and how many dots it is taking to make up the full image.

I have also included some recent close-ups of some other recent drawings.

I think this cold/lurgy is going to stop us from joining in the St Ives New Years Eve celebrations. I am sure the thousands of fancy dressed up revelers will be stunning as usual and I am told the fireworks will be tops too.

Well I am going to slope off and listen and watch the new year in. I am hoping and maybe it is a big hope that 2017 will be better but I do fear for it. I still believe in Love, Peace and Understanding, on the side if I bury myself in my art more perhaps I will be a bit more insulated against this rather mad world we find ourselves in.

Good Luck all!

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