Saturday, 17 December 2016

The 2nd Annual St Ives Lantern Parade and of course some of my drawings too.

Above and a few below are pics of what is the climax of a lot of hard work and fun. Above you see our parade leader Pete Jarmen who made himself a nice outfit for the occaision.

Above and below are a couple of other shots I managed to take with my phone of our 2nd annual St Ives Lantern Parade. It was a lovely event for us to be part of and the reception from the general public was fabulous. Onward and upward for next years event, hopefully we will get a bit more funding next year and make it even bigger and more fun. Thanks to everyone who made this possible with a really small budget, musicians, lantern makers, St Ives In December, The Town Council, Linda Taylor The Mayor, The Wave Project etc etc.....
We are proud that Barnoon Workshop is such a big part of this.

Below is Polly The Parrot on our new puppet lantern, mega thanks Morag.

Above and below are a couple of my ceramic drawings I did earlier  in the year.

Above and below are some more drawings from my this years round up of my work.

It is a bit late tonight to get too wordy about my work after all the antics of our lantern parade, I am tired after all the running up and down the hills of this town helping to get the show on the road. I have to do a little drawing.......

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