Thursday, 1 December 2016

Back To Beauty Exhibition etc etc etc.

Above is a reverse drawing I finished in my drawing session last evening. and looking at it again I am very pleased with this pattern, it is clean and straight forward.

Also I then did this drawing keeping it simple, it seems quite fresh to me.

Above, I also managed to finish this one. The reverse 'bleeding narrative' of the previous one. I am very pleased with 3 drawings in one night and they fit in with my 'whole sketchbook' which is now getting close to being filled up. Once it is in that almost completed state with a drawing on every page I then tend to go back through the whole things to see if I want to do any extra work on it, sometimes I do quite a bit and sometimes almost nothing or even nothing.

Today myself and my wife Zoe Eaton, have  been fully immersed in getting our exhibition ready to hang and then transforming Barnoon Workshop from it's normal workshop state into a place you can have a pop-up exhibition and by about ten to five we had just about managed it to our satisfaction, although not perfect I think it shows our work off pretty well. so below I share a few pics from the evening, including some of the good folk who came out to have mulled cider and share our opening.

Above and below are a view of some of Zoe's work in our show, including the newly finished and when I say newly finished I mean this morning, such is.

A few mulled cider drinkers from this evening.

A table full of my stone drawings at the exhibition above and a view of part of the main room.

We will be manning this exhibition for the next three days and will be drawing and painting in that time too, so if you are near why not pop up and see us 11:00 - 16:00

Up above is our statement for our exhibition which is mainly of work we have both done over the last year or so, however we both have a little bit of work from quite a few years ago which seem to still fit with what we do now. So above is close up of a painting when I still considered myself an abstract painter 'until somebody pointed it out that I was drawing with paint' and I do think this pic sums it up really. It does make me think that I might try and draw with paint again sometime in the future. I already have ideas after just writing this, sometimes I just love the way my mind works when I am in a creative mood. More on all of this later. I better get on with some drawing and get ready for more drawing at our exhibition.

A last aside before I go, saw a picture on social media of one of my old bands New Mutants in an exhibition and book launch called 'We Built This City On Rock N Roll' in Milton Keynes Central Library. All put together by Milton Keynes' cultural secretary Lee 'Scribbo' Scrivens. A great chap who I have played many many gigs with and whose label Back Beat he put out a few of our records in the late 80's and early 90's. Well done Lee and thanks for everything.

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