Thursday, 22 December 2016

Wood drawings from the past and recent work in progress.

Above and some of the below are some of my 'wood' drawings that have been in storage, myself and my son found them whilst getting the Christmas decorations out. We both thought that I should take some pics of them and share them as most have not been shown online before. So here is my first selection, I am sure more will follow as I try and document more of my work.

Many of these were almost like having ideas that you might just keep in your sketchbook and hidden away but many of these all ended up in an exhibition. It was the World of Wotnot show and to be honest I thought I pushed the boundaries a bit with it at the time and maybe not everybody got it but that is not my remit to be populist but I do like to get a reaction either a 'like' or a 'bemusement'.

Every now and again I go back to lines....

All of the above with the exception of this one I remember well but I don't remember this one at all so it was a nice surprise to me to find it and I like it too, so a nice result.

Here is the inside cover to that whole sketch book I am working to finish so added more to this last night, I am sure I will add more too..... Also looking at it I think it all has a title, 'Really It Is To Do With Permutations'.

Above is a drawing that at this stage I think I have finished and often at this point I am happy but when I get it out later I may change my mind. What I mean I think by that is that I like it in it simple form as an image but sometimes I just review the situations and think MORE.......

I think tonight drawing might be on paper and ceramic maybe.... I will obviously share tomorrow when I have done more work.....


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