Friday, 16 December 2016

Toiday, or is it yesterday......

Above is a small drawing I did yesterday, I really enjoyed doing it as I am now moving away from my whole sketchbook work so it was nice for me to dfo a drawing that wasn't part of a bigger thing. Sometimes when I say something about my work like that I feel it is pretentious or 'art world speakfinnished' but it is how I feel in the moment of doing it so I feel it is true to me. Whilst saying I have finished a work, I am still tinkering with it a little but it will be ultimately done very soon.

Above is the new book I have made but not drawn in yet, I am waiting for the spark to set it off it might come tomorrow or the next day or the next or in five minutes time. We will see.

All the above are drawings I have done over the last year on various mediums and below in I think the first drawing I did in my last handmade book and is making me think how I start the next one which was shown above.

Today we did the last lantern parade workshop, tomorrow just to finish off a few finer points on the lanterns for the parade and I am hearing that it has already made the press in The Cornishmen and The Times and Echo, which is good. We have the Mayor coming to meet the end of the parade and the St Ives Mermaid. It should be fun and groovy.

Tonight we reassembled the Barnoon Workshop quiz team for the Christmas Quiz at the Western Hotel that was fun and it is the reason that I am delivering this blog slightly late but it is part of my first year of blogging everyday, ok it is over an hour late but it is still part of this last day.....

A small amount of drawing to do maybe and some harsh world news to watch...


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