Monday, 29 February 2016

Leap Year Day.

Well today was the start of the week and a leap year day, nothing special in that exactly but I have had a busy one. It started by going to the DROP IN AND DRAW session at Barnoon Workshop here in St Ives, Although I am an abstract artist I do enjoy having to draw 'something', today it was Mackerel on a plate not easy but an interesting bit of discipline. The class was run by Melanie Uys and it finished at midday, she was running a mono-printing workshop in the afternoon, so I sat in the Uys Gallery ( ) for the afternoon working on a drawing on card which I should finish tonight so will blog it when it is finished.

The drawing above was completed a little while ago, using letraset pro markers metallic gel pens and ink but thought I would add an image for this blog. I started this drawing just after Christmas whilst on a visit to Modern Art Oxford to see Anne Hardy's exhibition 'Field' and I especially liked the Process Photograms in the middle gallery. My 15 year old son and I also enjoyed the experience of Punctuated Remains in the third space The Piper Gallery although I am not entirely sure why, such is.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Some Recent Work

Here is my 'Blackstar', having grown up with the music of David Bowie it came as a bit of a shock that just after his latest album was released he died. His music has been pretty much omnipresent in my life.

I normally do not do work that actually fits in with any given situation but having done a few small drawings on 'sea pottery' with the black star motif I couldn't get it out of my head I felt compelled to do a larger one. Although when I say larger it is slightly less than 12" by 6" but it did take quite a few evenings work.

Having completed it it set of a bit of a chain of exploration.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Hello Blog World

Welcome to my new blog, I am an artist that lives and works in St Ives Cornwall. I mainly do abstract drawing although I do work in other mediums to. The picture above is a small detail from one of my recent finished works which will shortly be available from The UYS Gallery in St Ives. This drawing is A2 in size and took about 3 weeks of work. It started out as a grid of 96 'squares' executed by drawing in one continuous line and then by filling each one in with dots. In a rough calculation it has about 130,000 dots. The full image will be shown to the public when it has been photographed properly rather than on my phone cam.

Over time I intended to blog about my work and show you lots of new and older work to illustrate what I have been upto on my quest as an artist all these years. If you can't wait here is a link to my artist page on facebook.