Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Sketchbooks and stuff.


 In last evenings drawing session I think I completed and titled my new whole sketchbook work and it will be at Barnoon Workshop as a late entry to the Hand Held View exhibition.

As I considered that I had finished a whole sketchbook it would be good to start another and above is how I have started. I know not my theme for this next book but hey I am sure it will come together as it goes on.

 Below are some pics from the rest of my day, part of which was doing a Tour & Draw or a couple and a lovely day it was to go out and draw.

Below is a pic from the end of my day after manning the exhibition and developing ideas with my wife for future events.

I am now gathering myself to start drawing and get on with this new sketchbook.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Draw! Drawing, Drawings, Abstract Drawing and Tate St Ives.


As usual my blog starts with drawings I did the evening before and I have started working on the covers of my now finished sketchbook work which still doesn't have a title, hopefully that with come to me when I get drawing later.

The week starts as it does with our Monday morning drawing class and today I led the session and as the weather was so nice we took our opportunity to get up on the Tate roof garden. These two photos reference what we got up to and the two main drawings I did.

Above and below was my output from this morning.

Above is another drawing from the group that was done in the last 10 mins by one of our regulars Sue Hopper.

Above is a little art drop I did today all the others over the last couple of weeks have been collected/found. I must try and do a few more this week to replenish.

This afternoon I manned our exhibition and we even had a sale.

You may wonder what this is a picture of and I would if  I hadn't captured it on my phone. This is the 'stuff' under the glass of the light catchers above the new underground gallery at Tate St Ives.

Since then I have done some website work and helped design a new course for the workshop, more about that later.

I am off to do somethings and then to draw. I draw nearly every day of my life and it has become very much a part of me and what I do as an artist but I also fit in a lot of other creative activities which you have to do if you help run a 'creative workshop' space in St Ives Cornwall.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

New Drawings, BBC 6 Music and Goth.


Today had a nice slow start as we have had an extra hour in the land of nod, after a late breakfast I headed up to Barnoon  Workshop to man the exhibition and we had visitors but in the gaps I drew this drawing below and it is the final page of my latest whole sketchbook works done and I now have to decide what to do with the covers. I shall have to think about that.

My day at the workshop was soundtracked by BBC Radio 4. I have been an occasional listener ever since my twenties, I must admit I find it reassuring in its general consistency of program and its integrity.

Here is a double page spread from a book that I have started dipping into and altering.

Above is a quick pic from outside the workshop to show you into my world a little.

After work today I came back home a listened to Murray Lachlan Young on BBC 6 Music, todays subject, Goth and its lyrics, hadn't quite remembered what a goth I had been as I was really enjoying The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy, Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil etc etc. I will always remember seeing Bauhaus for the first time at their first London gig at The Rock Garden' They were a local band that came from Northampton but I hadn't managed to see them yet so my mate Bill took me to see them. What a good night that was and I had never seen a band like them, fresh, exciting and cutting edge. I was even in a spoof Goth band Lex Wilkinson's Death Grip. I thought we were a rather good take on a halloween goth band. I must see if I can find any of our old material, maybe I will have to search some old mini discs.

Well I am off to draw and to get some thinking done.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Jacob El Hanani, Todd Camplin and a new drawing.


Above is the drawing I was working on last night and another pen ran out and with a change of blue pen with a very slightly different hue has made the drawing even better for me.

The first part of my day was manning the exhibition up at Barnoon and then back home and then go with my son to the railway station so he could return home from his holiday with us and jolly nice it has been to have him around. I joined him on the first part of the journey to St Erth and below are a few pics taken from that.

After returning to town I went back up to join my wife at the workshop until we closed.

Since then I have discovered a new artist that is quite close to some of what I do and probably the nearest in spirit and his name is Jacob El Hanani. I must look up more of this man's work. I found two strands to his work so far, one being close to two phases of my work and why wouldn't I be drawn to them monochrome, dots and lines.

Not exactly the way I approach a drawing but very very close and I like it. Thanks to Todd Camplin and his blog. http://camplinart.blogspot.co.uk/ 
A blog I often read.

Below are two of my drawings that I kind find easily to show why I might think there is a bit of affinity.

I am off to draw. Cheers!

Friday, 27 October 2017

Hand Held View, New Drawing and Blas Burger.


 Above is a drawing I have spent quite a few hours on and eventually finished in last nights drawing time.

Today started for me at Barnoon Workshop manning the exhibition we have on at the moment, we had quite a few visitors today and I got on with my next drawing.

So above is the drawing when it had got to stage one and then I met my wife in town.

I continued work on this drawing in the afternoon and this above is how far I got.

Above and below are a very small insight in to the rest of my day and what a lovely warm day it has been.

We had a early celebration for my son's birthday at Blas Burger and here are our burgers.

Below are most of the drawings from my work in our current exhibition Hand Held View and is called 'Exhibition in a Box'. 

Well I am off to draw as I usually do and will report in again tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Alfred Wallis, Shabori, Draw St Ives and Abstract Drawing


 Above is the drawing I started yesterday and it looks like I might get it finished tonight. Most drawings I do are done with a process to explore. Normally I will be thinking of variations on a theme as I draw or think of a new theme and randomly my explorations continue.

Today has been a day of arts and crafts for me, it started with helping with another Shabori workshop and then people turned up for my 'Beach Life' drawing class so off we went to draw beach stuff from our vantage point above Porthmeor and below are a few of the drawings I did today as part of the session.

This afternoon after a little business lunch and getting ideas for new workshop we then had an Alfred Wallis workshop to do and so I took a merry little band of people out to draw again for the second time today to gather some drawings to help us with what we were going on to paint. We started at the workshop with show some pictures of his painting and explaining some of Alfred's story and how he was discovered. 

After we returned to Barnoon Workshop we all got down to painting and above is the homage I did today on a small piece of  decking that hadn't even been invented as a wood thing when Alfred was painting but to me it seemed fitting enough for now to use that as my substrate and I am actually very pleased with it.