Saturday, 10 December 2016

New drawing, Lantern Workshop, Swamp Circus and some other works.

Above is a new drawing that I did last night, in fact it was adding to a drawing I did the previous night, I really like it now, very straight forward but nice colours and a little bit op art.

Today has been a fun day at Barnoon Workshop, we held a lantern making workshop for all comers so they can take part in the parade next weekend. We have another workshop tomorrow and one on Thursday evening so we can get more lanterns and people involved, below are a selection of those now drying. I am looking forward to tomorrows session and getting on with lanterns for decoration for the kids in The Wave Project.

After the workshop finished I went to The Drill Hall to get my hair cut and  as the rain had stopped Swamp Circus were able to do a fire show in Royal Square, it was a shame it had been such a wet day so not so many people to see this but they were good.

We are out later to a private view, so will review that tomorrow and share a few more drawings with you. These illustrate what sometimes happens in my book work where the ink bleeds through the paper and I get to reinterpret the first drawing in a different manner.

The final drawing above is on mount board this one just glows.

See you tomorrow when I will have another blog up. Cheers all!

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