Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year, Art Drop, Works In Progress and Brian Eno.

So here we are on the first day of a new year and I thought that my first artistic moment of the day would be to do a little 'art drop' (above) so when we popped into town to do a small bit of shopping I left these somewhere on The Stennack and quite visible so I would imagine they have been found by now. I am vowing to do more 'art drops' in the coming year as a positive thing for me and the people who find them. I do get some lovely feedback from people who have found them.

Above is an update on how the latest big one, that doesn't mean massive but it is A1 so that takes a lot of dots and a lot of time. So I did about an hour on this today and below is a new close-up of it at the point where I finished it for today.

Whilst I was drawing my wife Zoe Eaton was up the other end of our large dining table painting and experimenting away, she use a bit of this paper bag in one of her experiments, I had been thinking of drawing on it all but hey there was still a nice bit that I then cut into size for me to 'play' with. This all fitted in rather well with hear what Brian Eno was saying whilst talking to Jarvis Cocker this afternoon on BBC 6 Music. I know some people think Eno is a bit pretentious but I think he seems like a real person exploring what he does and that is many things a true pioneering polymath. I remember hearing doing his John Peel Lecture and exploring post-capitalism because things were evidently not quite working under that system and the more time goes on I seem to understanding more and more what he meant.

Well I am off to continue on this drawing above and will post tomorrow how far I get with it.


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